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Deep down, Mark knew that he’d been kept alive for a reason despite his willingness to end things permanently. More than a year ago he had accidentally started a domino effect of mayhem that resulted in the untimely death of 13 people over the course of one very long and drug-fuelled day. Now his old ruthless supplier and unofficial task master is back with more shadowy narco-business on behalf of the covert leaders of the United Kingdom, as well as a startling revelation… only 12 people died on that fateful day.

Toby, his partner in crime, is still alive somewhere. 

Reunited after more than a year apart, the duo drag their insatiable appetite for drugs and disregard for law, morality and all that’s decent across the length and breadth of Wales with cocaine dusting their noses, gas in their lungs and a monstrous V8 engine purring under the bonnet. Pursued by a megalomaniacal copper and a whole host of degenerates and crazies, Mark and Toby are back to abusing their minds, back to breaking the law and back in the game…

Simon Pearce's Business Trilogy continues with the sequel to Taking Care of Business.

Back in Business: Welcome
Back in Business: Video

Written by Simon Pearce

Edited by Benjamin Way

Cover by Nour E

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