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It’s not every day you witness someone’s brains blown out over the 
scorching desert sand, much less survive a meteorite strike. This day has included both.

The media manipulates, politicians lie, banks steal and the world is not what you’ve been taught to believe it is by those in power, the education system or even your parents. We were once endless possibilities, now we are the property of limited liability companies. And nobody has bothered to inform you.

There is an alternative to the reality you think you know. There is another side to life. Beneath what you have seen and experienced, behind the artificial and illusory constructs of social media and its fabricated fantasies lies the dirty, deranged and downright desperate. From psychotic Samurai swordsmen in Swansea, shotgun-wielding cockney cowboys in London’s seedier suburbs, hashish hallucinations in the sun-blasted desert of the Middle East to a seemingly never-ending flow of spice under Tokyo’s neon night sky… step into the shadows, travel the globe and explore the less frequented corners of society and the human psyche.

This is not a journey for the politically correct or faint of heart. This reality requires more than just a TripAdvisor review and a Google translate app. This trip requires a thirst for raw knowledge, a total disregard for the law and an appetite for radically altered states of consciousness. Or possibly just a lack of common sense when you’re surrounded by chaos and danger where death could be your final destination. Enter Chuck Thompson’s world, witness his reality and let him show you the life less travelled.

The Traveller: Inventory

Written by Chuck Thompson

Edited by Benjamin Way

Cover by Nour E

The Traveller: Text
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