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Space Monkey Creations publish books that are not for the mainstream. Our authors, and their work, write about the darker and more fucked up side of life.

HSTRC clothing is ethically made for those who know the difference between luxury and trash. It is not 'fast fashion' and is designed with comfort in mind and a love for streetwear and the 1990s. All clothing is made from ethically sourced fabrics and manufactured in humane ways. We have gone to great lengths and expense to ensure that all our clothing is eco-friendly and as ethical as can be in this day and age.

Space Monkey Creations creates motion pictures, documentaries, music videos and various other video content that is entertaining, and like our books probably not for the mainstream.

At Space Monkey Creations we do not aim to offend anyone, but should you get offended by anything we put out please know that we are not interested in hearing about it.