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Part 3 of The Business Trilogy

Despite everything they have been through together, Wales’ two most debauched outlaws have made their dream come true. They outwitted a serial killer, got away with murder, committed a bunch of other crimes and even managed to slip through the fingers of both the seen and unseen British authorities. Mark and Toby somehow managed to make it to Amsterdam and open their very own coffee shop. But the past has a way of catching up with you, and when it includes cannibals, rapists, gangsters, bent cops, junkies and the hidden rulers of the world, you’re in for a rough ride.

Prison had been hell for Toby, but opportunities and drugs can be found anywhere. The Grim Union bikers gave him the opportunity and the narco-chef-in-chief did what he does best. However, there are problems when you are producing drugs for serious criminals: they don’t suffer fools lightly and they never accept excuses. It’s not long before both Mark and Toby are back on the road and on the run, chased by bikers, police and the ever-present hand of the covert enforcers in the top echelons of the UK government.

From the back streets of Wales, the red lights of Amsterdam and onwards to Antwerp’s Diamond Quarter, Mark and Toby must stay one step ahead of all the other players in the game or find themselves Out of Business once and for all…

Out of Business: About

Written by Simon Pearce

Edited by Benjamin Way

Cover by Nour E

Out of Business: Text
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